What it is we want to figure out from our testing

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What it is we want to figure out from our testing

Post by VladTaltos on Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:34 pm

1. Is combat conducted in a single round or multiple rounds.
2. Troops have range and speed, how does each affect combat ( will non ranged act as shield for ranged troops, does speed mean initiative or affect the number of attacks per battle, etc.)
3. Verify that the listed attack and defense power for each troop type works as expected, IE if militia is attack power 6 and defense 14 will it take roughly twice as many attacking militia to wipe them out).
4. can you random and advanced port away when an attacking march has already launched, and what happens.
5. Can you port onto a non resource tile that someone is trying to occupy and take the hit.
6. Discover what the hidden bonuses mean such as Arbalesters get an attack bonus during defense, what does that mean in quantitative terms.
7. How troop targeting progresses, will infantry hit infantry first and any extra infantry will go for cav or range next?
8. How are rally battles conducted and especially how is damage apportioned between the rally participants.


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