Test Account Building Instructions

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Test Account Building Instructions

Post by VladTaltos on Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:04 pm

The purpose of a test account is not to be BIG and BAD, but to provide a controlled test environment for figuring out combat mechanics in both city and resource battles. After we are done with the testing THEN you can build it for glory lol.

So here are the principles for the account building:

1. DO NOT assign combat skill points to your hero until a specific test calls for it, not many will. Its fine to boost training and research skills but stay away from combat until we need to test multiple attack waves or bonuses. On the same token, dont research any combat tree items until its called for. We don't want hero or research bonuses skewing the results until we are specifically testing those attributes.

2. DO NOT build city traps until a particular test you will be involved with calls for it.

3. You can train as many troops of whatever type you like, when we are testing combat we will need them and its pretty easy to just send any extra troops to the wilderness when you are the defender in a test scenario.

4. We should create and join a testing alliance and give everyone R4 so that it is easy to kick and invite each other when conducting scenario tests.

5. we should hive extremely close to each other to make march times shorter.


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