Potential Battle Tactics

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Potential Battle Tactics

Post by VladTaltos on Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:26 pm

Scout Bombing
The idea is to send as many scouts as often as can be sent (from an entire alliance) during an attack to accomplish either of two things: Flood the players battle reports so they cant find reports and adjust thier attacks, and potentially crash their game by overflowing their inbox. either way it can slow the attacker down by forcing them to deal with mail or fight blind.

Bait and Switch - City Switch Version
If its workable in this game it takes two players and some deft timing to pull off.  The idea is to entrap an attacking wave into hitting something bigger than what was originally targeted. The initial defender (D1) lets the attacker wave (A) get to a point where it is almost ready to hit. D1 then uses a peace shield to break target lock of the wave (forcing it to target the underlying tile) then random ports out. A second BIGGER defender (D2) then ports unshielded into the spot vacated by D1 and receives the attack. This can mess up an attackers day who was looking to wipe out a level 6 account and instead runs smack into a level 15+ account.

Bait and Switch - Encampment Version
Using a similar principal,  D1 puts out an enticing looking troop encampment for an attacker to salivate over looking for an easy kill. Just prior to the attack landing, player D1 sends the troops home and player D2 ports into the spot to receive the attack.

Hive Protection Encampments
The idea is to use alot of 1 troop encampments to take up space around the hive to prevent attackers from porting close to the hive and thereby extending the time of thier marches. If someone tries to take out encampments you can use the Bait and Switch.


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